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Ecological Clerk of Works

We provide experienced, and CIEEM qualified professionals, for this increasingly important area.

Generally an ECoW's (or project ecologist's) responsibilities can be divided into four broad work areas:

  1. Management advice/guidance in relation to protected species;
  2. Management advice/guidance in relation to sensitive habitats;
  3. Liaison and co-ordination with 3rd parties e.g. regulators;
  4. Monitoring of compliance with planning conditions and reporting.

Alba Ecology's approach to ECoW has been to incorporate all four elements into the role.

ECoW services are usually defined in a planning condition or negotiated with the planning authority/regulators and fall into one of two categories: (i) full time ECoW support on site, 9am-5pm, 5-7 days a week (depending upon predicted work programme), or (ii) ECoW present on average once a week and any other times deemed necessary when substantial new works or potentially risky/sensitive activities are undertaken.