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Habitat Surveys

Alba Ecology provides specific species and habitat management advice to a range of public and private sector clients, including under several long-term framework agreements. We provide a full range of habitat and botanical surveys from Phase 1 Habitats and National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys to specialised single and multi-species botanical surveys. Pre-planning vegetation surveys and ecological impact assessments are a speciality, but we also provide construction monitoring of habitats, Ecological Clerk of Works, post construction mitigation and habitat management plans, peatland restoration and a range of other services.

Alba Ecology biologists have vast experience of developing and implementing conservation plans. Our ecologists have been involved in developing action plans for many threatened UK habitats and species in, for example, the Cairngorms National Park. We bring this experience to clients through provision of guidance on positive conservation measures and opportunities, including mitigation where this is needed, often through development of long-tern Habitat Management Plans. One particular area we have worked on is the restoration of degraded upland peatland sites and we have devised and helped implement several peatland restoration plans.